The birth of the internet has transformed the world as we know it. It has clearly grown to astronomic proportions since it became a household name in the mid 1990’s. If you were born before 1980, you have watched the world change from using rotary telephones to iPhones. These days nearly everything can be controlled by the touch of a button.

Bills can be paid online, movie tickets can be purchased online, you can talk to your loved ones online, and you can take a complete college course – without having to step foot on campus. The possibilities of the internet are endless – and technology is changing more rapidly than we can learn to understand it.

Today, teens and individuals in their twenties are grasping and exploiting computer technology like never before. Children are already known for their marked ability to learn and assimilate information at a very young age – absorbing and utilizing the internet and computer systems are no different than learning how to build a tree fort. For some families, their 13-year-old can build an entire computer system as his father built a model car the generation before.

With the advent of the internet, came an entirely new way to commit crimes. The terms internet crime, cybercrime and computer crime are used interchangeably. Simply put, internet crime or cybercrime is a form of crime where the internet or computers are used as a medium to commit crime.

Internet crimes are vast and expansive and can include anything from downloading illegal music files to stealing someone’s identity. Cybercrime can also include stealing millions of dollars from online bank accounts to distribution child pornography. One of the most common forms of internet crimes involves identity theft which is commonly done through phishing and pharming. These methods set up fake websites (that appear legitimate) to lure unsuspecting victims. People are asked to give out personal information such as name, address, phone numbers and bank accounts. Criminals then take this information and “steal” the person’s identity.

Internet crimes are not limited to targeting the consumer; cybercrimes have gone so far as to take on global proportions. Cybercrimes can also encompass criminal activities such as espionage, financial theft, and sabotage. In May 2010, the Pentagon established the new U.S. Cyber Command, which is headed by the director of the National Security Agency (NSA), to defend American military networks. It also serves to attack the computer systems of other countries.

Due to the fact that criminal activities have spread at a rate that law enforcement has had difficulty keeping up, entire task forces have been developed to crack down on internet and cybercrimes. There is a method called electronic discovery, or e-discovery, which is a type of cyber forensics. Electronic discovery is a process employed by law enforcement where they can obtain, secure, search and process any electronic data for use as evidence in a legal investigation. Electronic discovery can involve just a single computer or it can incorporate an entire computer network.

When you are facing allegations for internet or cybercrimes, it is essential that you seek the advice of a highly skilled attorney who you can trust. When your future is at stake – you need somebody who is familiar with both computer technology and the criminal justice system. You are urged to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can help you learn more about what steps you can take to protect your legal rights and your future.

If you have been accused of murder or drug peddling then you need to hire a criminal lawyer. Crime is a subject that most people find interesting when it is a part of anyone else’s life except theirs. Some of the best television programs are about court trials, solving homicide cases, and catching the actual culprit. It is all very nice and entertaining when we watch it on the television. But, what happens when it becomes a part of our lives? In a situation like this we need to hire a skilled criminal lawyer to represent us.

Even if you are innocent, being accused of a crime is going to put a black mark on your reputation; a good lawyer will be able to protect your reputation and rights.

Before actually getting down to the task of finding an attorney for yourself, you have to determine the nature of your crime. If you are accused of theft then a divorce lawyer will not be of much help.

As there are different types of crime, you will have to look for an attorney who specializes in the crime you have been charged with. For example a criminal attorney that specializes in juvenile defense will not be of much help if you are charged with drunk driving.

Therefore, how do you find the right lawyer? Here are a few points that may help you:

You could start by looking up the yellow pages. There are a lot of names listed there. After short-listing a few names; you could call them up and make an appointment to meet them.
Another useful source that could be of help is the Internet. Some lawyers have their own websites. These give you a good idea about what field of law they specialize in.
If you happen to have a lawyer as a friend then asking him for a few recommendations could land you a good lawyer.
A court case is usually a long drawn process, so be sure to get a clear idea of the amount of money you would have to pay for the case. Hire a lawyer whose charges fits your budget.
The first meeting with a lawyer is usually free, so go ahead and meet a few lawyers before you decide on one.

To win your case you need a good criminal lawyer. Phillipsburg has one of the most recognized law firms in the State: Aaroe Law Offices.


In this life, people cannot do without the services of a good lawyer. Crime happens everyday around us. Sometimes we find ourselves in rare situations that make us suffer unfairly. Other personal circumstances such as bankruptcy, real estates and mortgage force us to hire lawyers. In one word, good lawyers are very imperative. Dealing with lawyers is not a simple thing. Many issues concerning hiring lawyers are crucial and they come first. For example, you many find yourself hiring lawyers on retainer. These lawyers are not any different from those you know.

The lawyers only ask for a retainer fee so that they can give you their services. What is a retainer fee? This type of a fee is on hourly basis. It is different from the normal charges you pay a lawyer because of defending your position in court. They include the following:

• Consultation fees – Before you can start working with a given lawyer, you have to set a few appointments with him or her.

• Research work – After listening to your side of story, your lawyer spends some time doing research to help you. You will have to pay for his or her time.

• Interviews – as the lawyer studies your case, you and him or her will look for possible witnesses. Then, your lawyer has to conduct an interview with each witness. Most lawyers want to receive a pay for their time.

Lawyers on retainer want only to ascertain your seriousness in the entire procedure. That is why they will ask for a specific deposit first. When looking for this kind of a lawyer, examine your budget first. Most people desire to save up money in legal matters as much as possible. You should look for a cheaper hourly rate lawyer. Some people do not take it kindly. However, if you think about it, you put aside huge amounts of money as down payment for the assets you love.

If you plan to hire a lawyer about a case related to the same assets, you should not feel bad if ask to pay a retainer fee. A retainer fee is just a small deposit compared to other types you have paid before. The more you refuse to pay the fee, the more you delay your justice. Even so, take your time to select a good lawyer. There is a big chance that you will sort out good lawyers from bad lawyers if you take your time. When you find a good lawyer, make sure that all retainer agreements are in writing.

The U.S. military is governed by laws and regulations that are unique from civilian laws, meaning there are crimes that can be committed in the military that cannot be committed in civilian life. If charged with a military crime, a service member should hire a court-martial defense lawyer for counsel and defense. Here are some of the more common military crimes a member of the military should be aware of.


Any service member charged with a crime under the banner of “dereliction of duty” should be counselled by a qualified court-martial lawyer to understand the nature of the charge. Dereliction of duty can take many forms. Negligence in carrying out duty, where a service member actively refuses to carry out assigned duties, is one such example. Also, if a soldier or officer is incapacitated through personal actions, like falling asleep on the job or excessive drink or drugs, it can cause that service member to not carry out assigned duties or to perform them in a haphazard way. Finally, a service member can fake an illness or commit self-injury to get out of work. You should have a court-martial defense lawyer on hand to explain these concepts and prepare a defense if you should be charged.

Abandonment of Post

Should a soldier abandon their post without permission, it is grounds for a military crime. A soldier can temporarily abandon a post, which is called going AWOL, or Absent Without Leave. Some soldiers may completely abandon their post or duty with no intention to return to their unit, barrack, base or other place of duty. This is known as desertion. A soldier that is AWOL for more than thirty days is considered to have deserted. Finally, service members that miss boarding their vessel, aircraft, or fail to join their unit as it pulls out can be charged with missing movement. However, not all failure to meet up with a military unit or craft is a crime. If a sailor is headed for an aircraft carrier and is hit by a drunk or negligent driver on the road and misses the ship, that is not a crime. A service member who ends up in these situations should absolutely contact a court-martial defense lawyer.

Crimes Involving Property

A service member cannot sell off military property, such as explosives, vehicles or firearms, without proper authorisation. A soldier or officer can also run afoul of property regulations by damaging, losing or destroying property either deliberately or through omission. In the case of destruction, sale, loss or any other disposition that is prohibited by regulations, the property’s value is assessed and will direct the punishment of the guilty service member. A military lawyer-defense must be on hand to guide anyone accused of one of these offences and explain their rights under the law.

Knowing the different types of transgressions that can occur in the military can go a long way to avoiding them, but in the event you should find yourself charged with a military crime, contact a court-martial defense lawyer that knows and understands the law and can give you the best possible defense.